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EWOCAR Clay Set (4x50g.)

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Ewocar Clay Set includes four pieces of the finest quality, medium grade, detailing clays which are essential for decontamination process. High quality clay bars are soft & smooth to the touch. Clay bars can be used on paint, wheels & glass. For the best user experience we recommend using Neutral Foam Shampoo as a Lubricant. Sufficient lubrication is crucial to ensure maximum clay bar performance.  


Direction for use:

  1. Shape your clay according to your preferences.
  2. Spray lubricant onto the paint and onto the clay bar.
  3. Wipe in one direction until the surface becomes smooth.
  4. Rinse or dry the surface.
  5. Once a clay bar collects contaminants, you can remold it by hand until a clean surface appear.
  6. DO NOT WORK on the surface below 12°C and over 60°C.
  7. DO NOT USE together with strong detergents.  
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EWOCAR Clay Set (4x50g.)

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