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Tenzi Quartz Spray Detailer

Innovative product based on car body protection nanotechnology. Unique formula of this product, which contains particles of the liquid quartz, provides long-lasting protection and gloss to the car paint which enhances its colour depth and protects it from atmospheric conditions and UV rays....

Price €12.95

Tenzi Carnaubos Spray Wax

New generation product in spray based on natural Carnauba wax. Very efficient product designed for quickly strengthening all kinds of car paints. Provides gloss effect to car body, windows and protects car paint from UV rays. Thanks to the liquid form of the product, it is very handy and easy in...

Price €12.95

Tenzi Wet Wax

Product designed for quick coating of car bodies with hydrophobic layer. Recommended for using on wet car paint after washing it. Provides effective car paint protection after washing the vehicle. Thanks to the liquid quartz particles, product helps to keep clean windows, car body. Product may be...

Price €9.95

Tenzi Quick Shine Detailer

Polymeric product designed for finishing vehicle nurturing. Ideal for using after washing vehicle with water that contains minerals which leave stains on the car body. Product provides gloss to the car paint and removes various stains of organic origin from windows and car bodies. Fills...

Price €9.95

EWOCAR W-Coat Ceramic Sealant

Introducing Ewocar W-Coat, the ultimate ceramic sealant that will revolutionize your vehicle maintenance routine. With its instant and easy to use formula, achieving outstanding shine, hydrophobics and slickness has never been simpler. Despite its ease of use, Ewocar WetCoat provides unmatched...

Price €13.95

SOFT99 Luxury Gloss Liquid Wax

Luxury Gloss is an absolutely new type of liquid wax, which will help you achieve three main factors - Gloss, Depth and Slipperiness with an uncommon ease! Soft99 developed a new type of liquid wax targeting the three main factors - Gloss, Depth and Slipperiness, which are hard to find in the...

Price €9.80
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3D Express Montan Spray Wax

3D Express Wax will make waxing your car much more time efficient than before! You will no longer have to spend hours of your weekend methodically waxing your car. Instead, you can just grab 3D Express Wax and a couple towels and have the whole job done in a matter of minutes, not hours!

Price €14.95

Meguiar's Quik Detailer

Meguiar's A3316EU Quik Detailer is the missing link between washes. Simply spray on and wipe off with a Meguiar's X2020EU Supreme Shine Microfibre. Quik Detailer removes contaminants safely without scratching your paint. It is no wonder the pH neutral Quik Detailer has become a favourite with...

Price €10.90
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3D Final Touch Quick Detailer

3D Final Touch is a last touch waterless car wash that will leave some wax protection. Also it's good to use this product as a clay lube.

Price €14.95

3D Spray Detailer

Quick and easy way to remove fingerprints and buffer smears for a showroom shine. Works great on paint, glass, and chrome. Spray on cars that are not heavily soiled and wipe off with a soft, clean, dry cloth. For a instant deep gloss. Excellent lubricant for clay bars/pads. Body Shop Safe.

Price €14.95

Koch Chemie Qs Quick &...

The all-round quick detailer for all smooth and painted surfaces (vehicle paintwork, painted wood, glass, plastic parts, consoles, painted furniture and musical instruments, stainless steel surfaces, etc.). Cleans, maintains and preserves in a single step.

Price €12.95

Koch Chemie Qf Quick Finish...

An all-round talent for all smooth and painted surfaces (vehicle paintwork, painted wood, glass, plastic parts, dashboards, painted furniture and musical instruments, stainless steel surfaces, etc.). Cleans, cares and seals in a single step. Fingerprints and light dirt are removed quickly and...

Price €12.95