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Tenzi Car Shampoo & Wax
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Tenzi Car Shampoo & Wax

Product usage:1. Wash down sand and other impurities from car body2. Dilute 50-100 ml of the product with 10 l of water3. Wash the surface with clean sponge. Preferably from top to bottom4. Rinse...

Tenzi Detailer Quartz Shampoo
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Tenzi Detailer Quartz Shampoo

Usage: 1. Remove most of the dirt (like sand) from bodywork with water to avoid accidental scratching 2. Dilute 50-100 ml of shampoo in 5 litres of water and prepare a second bucket with clean...

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3D Pink Soap Shampoo

First step in washing your vehicle is rinse off a lot of the dust and grime. We’re going to pressure wash the vehicle lightly. The soot that’s already laying on the top of the car is taken off and...


3D Wash N Wax - Shampoo With Wax

This soap works excellent for hand wash and foam gun applications. Produces a dense, great smelling foam that cleans and conditions the surface while leaving a smooth brilliant looking finish....

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash &...
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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax Shampoo

Using only the best quality ingredients ensures all Meguiar's car care products deliver the best results for your vehicle and remain the choice of even the fussiest of car enthusiasts. The full...