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Tenzi Car Shampoo & Wax

Delicate shampoo with hydro-wax designed for manual washing car bodies. Appropriate for car body of any colour. Product creates a thick foam which effectively removes highway dirt and creates hydrophobic coating resistant to dirt. Preserves car paint and provides additional gloss effect.

Price €6.95

Tenzi Car Shampoo

Delicate shampoo designed for manual washing car bodies. Appropriate for any colour of the car paint. Creates a thick foam which excellently washes every surface. Effectively removes dirt and does not leave any stains. Provides super gloss effect and excellently removes insects.

Price €7.95

Ewocar Neutral Foam Shampoo

Neutral Foam Shampoo has very thick and long-lasting foam and even it’s pH neutral it’s effective in removing road grim and other dirt. The perfect product for daily maintenance, thick foam gives gentle cleaning action, pH neutral is safe for any waxes or coatings.

Price €9.95

Tenzi Detailer Quartz Shampoo

Revolutionary car shampoo that creates quartz coating on washed surfaces. It drastically improves paintwork appearance, protects it from atmospheric conditions and hinders dirt settling. The main feature of this quartz shampoo is its high hydrophobicity. Liquid quartz contained in Quartz Shampoo...

Price €10.95

Meguiars - Soft Wash Gel -...

Years ago we invented this wash gel that is super thick, super rich and super concentrated. It is unlike any other car wash on the market. It contains optical brighteners to enhance the brilliance of the paint finish…and it won’t strip off wax protection. It’s completely safe on all surfaces,...

Price €9.90
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3D Pink Soap Shampoo

Pink Car Soap is a car wash shampoo that can be used with a foamer or bucket. When you’re using soaps check out three things that are very important. The first is going to be washed off. Second is going to be foam-ability and the third thing is rinse-ability. We have all the key steps involved...

Price €13.95

3D Wash N Wax - Shampoo...

Wash N Wax is a ph balanced liquid soap with wax that produces a dense foam giving you a great shine every time. Wash N Wax rinses off easily. Special polymer Surfactants greatly reduce surface tension with a hydrophilic effect to safely encapsulate and flush away dirt and grime.

Price €14.95

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash &...

Using a blend of carnauba and synthetic polymer technology Meguiar's Wash & Wax is developed into a highly advanced car wash to deliver a genuine waxed finish. Ideal for people who don't have the time or inclination to regularly wax their car the high sudsing formula removes dirt & grime...

Price €14.90
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CAR PRO Iron X Snow Soap

When creating IronX Snow Soap, we imagined all the time that could be saved by combining the iron fallout removing power of IronX, with the cleaning and lubricating capabilities of an environmentally-friendly surfactant. This idea formed the basis of one of the most versatile and effective...

Price €17.95
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Meguiar's Car Wash Plus+ is the new fast and easy way to wash vehicles without mixing or going back to the bucket for more suds. Simply apply the product to a wash mitt and clean. The 100% active formula helps to remove dirt, grime, bugs, tar, grease, light stains, and light scuff marks. Car Wash...

Price €19.90
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Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to clean and condition paint in one step. It features an advanced formula that gently foams away tough dirt, road grime and contaminants without stripping wax protection. This car wash shampoo contains an ultra-rich paint...

Price €22.90
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