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AUTOGLANZ Trim Reaper -...

Trim Reaper is an extremely durable, water / polymer-based dressing to care for all interior and exterior parts in plastic / trim and rubber. It is therefore a bit of a multi-tool to get bla. your door sides, dashboard, deck and e.g. your engine compartment to stand incredibly nice.

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AUTOGLANZ Valet+ Gloss...

Auto Glanz Gloss Interior Dressing - A multi function, concentrated gloss dressing for interior and exterior trims & plastics. Right out of the bottle, it delivers a nice OEM look - but can be dampened simply by being diluted with water. It contains no solvents, but can still clean a bit - if...

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3D Tire Shine

Long lasting, water-based tire dressing. Provides excellent UV protection from sun. Creates a high shine, high gloss finish. Can also be used to dress wheel wells. Non-greasy, non-oily – won’t turn tires into dust magnets. Easy gel-application means no overspray on wheels or body panels. Apply...

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3D Speed Tire Shine

WATER BASED DRESSING … 3D Speed Tire Dressing is a premium water based tire shine that provides high gloss and long lasting shine! NON-GREASY … Our non-greasy formula is easy to apply and safe on different surfaces including rubber and vinyl! EASY APPLICATION … Simply apply directly onto...

Price €19.95

3D Trim Care Protectant

3D Trim Care Protectant is a thick polymer fortified gel designed to restore and protect the original look to bumpers, trim, and rubber moldings for up to 3 months. It is the perfect product to use on your vehicle to lock in that new original look. Why spend hours shining and sealing your paint...

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Tenzi Tire & Plastic -...

Innovative nano-milk designed for preserving tires and plastic elements in vehicles. Thanks to its hi-tech quartz formula, product penetrates into rubber surface which makes tires look like new and resistant to fissures. Product renews discolored plastics by creating a durable protective layer on...

Price €14.95

C4 Gtechniq Permanent Trim...

C4 utilises a chemical bond to become an extension of the plastic molecule it is protecting. The coating swaps part of its molecular structure with the surface molecules of your car’s trim. This means that you have a protective coating of unparalleled durability.

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Meguiar’s Endurance Long...

Meguiar’s high gloss Endurance tyre gel continues to be a favourite among enthusiasts looking for extra-long lasting performance with a elegant look. Our distinct formulations stop tyres from turning brown and eliminate the mess of overspray, drips, streaks and spotted driveways.

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Water-based, silicon-oxide multi-use dressing for trim and tyres. Safe to use on all interior and exterior plastic, rubber, vinyl, and modern leather surfaces, Perl offers sophisticated UV-Inhibitors and an advanced waterborne acrylic-resin system to provide superior water-repellency over...

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