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Bug remover is an enzyme based spray product that breaks down and loosens bugs. It is safe for the paint, plastics and windows.If you live where you get a lot of bugs plastering the front of your vehicle, 3D Bug Remover will loosen the gunk and bug guts.

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EWOCAR Bug Remover

Ewocar Bug Remover is a highly concentrated alkaline-based cleaner to quickly and safely remove bugs from paint, windows, chrome or plastics. It comes in two versions: Ready to Use and Concentrate, the latter can be diluted accordingly to your needs. We recommend to start at 1:15 for effective...

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Tenzi Insect Remover

Product designed for removing insects and other impurities of organic origin from car body. Product is harmless to car paint and chrome elements. May be used on car body and windows.

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Koch Chemie Insect & Dirt...

Removes even the most stubborn debris from dead insects, oil and other environmental dirt from the outside of the vehicle and the engine bay. High-quality innovative ingredients penetrate into the dirt and enable fast, thorough and careful cleaning. Spray on dirty parts (if vehicle is hot, rinse...

Price €14.95