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SOFT99 Nano Hard Clear Coating

It restores the transparency and vivid color like a new car, when you apply this product on transparent resin parts such as headlights, winkers or car-visors which lost transparency by deterioration after they have been used for a long time.

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„EWOCAR“ Glass PRO - Glass...

Ewocar Glass PRO creates invisible nano shield for glass and develops resistance to water, mud, snow and ice, insects. While driving at 60km/h and more, water drops roll away – invisible wipers.

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„EWOCAR“ Glass PRO - Glass...

Ewocar Glass PRO creates invisible shield for glass and develops resistance to water, mud, snow and ice, insects. This coating is also highly resistant to chemicals, and providing resistance to scratches and minor chips. Creates "invisible wipers" effect - while driving more than a 50km/h. and...

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Ewocar BOOST+ - Ceramic...

Easy application - Up to 12months - slick & hydrophobic. Spray directly on the surface and level off immediately using short pile microfiber’s side then turn to a long pile side of Ewocar microfiber cloth and polish the surface. To achieve lower product consumption we recommend using...

Price €49.95

3D Kit HD Nitro Seal

HD NITRO SEAL is a co-polymer paint sealant. Make sure that the car is properly prepared by cleaning it and removing any scratches on the surface underneath. Wipe it down with rubbing alcohol then clean up any wax or existing contaminants that may be on the paint.

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Ewocar Hydro36 Ceramic Coating

Ewocar Hydro 36 coating gives you hard and extremely hydrophobic surface. The product forms layer which protects car body against dust, grime, mud, water, UV, bird droppings. It protects paint surfaces up to 36 months!

Price €84.95
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Long-term sealing with a high convenience factor. One-step seal with up to 15 months protection. Quick and easy to use. Gives the paint an intense depth of colour and a dirt-repellent soft waxy finish. Set of 4 application sponges for 2 applications.

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Reactive high-tech sealant that forms a hydrophobic nano network that is extremely resistant to chemicals and abrasion, providing a lasting seal on all glass, mirror and ceramic surfaces. The resulting lotus effect reduces adhesion of environmental dirt, insects, ice, etc. and thereby delivers an...

Price €69.95

Ewocar PRO60 - Certified...

Professional grade ceramic coating that is only available to the authorised and certified detailers. Hard and flexible (can be applied in larger proportions), long lasting & chemical resistant and also up to 60 months paint surface protection.

Price €999.95


Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Deep Crystal Coating is an advanced technology with superior water release, repellences, and beading. This is the breakthrough formulation that provides anti-spotting, high lubricant and easy application in one stable product. Specializes in polymer formula which utilizes...

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Complete set for the ceramic long term sealing of paintwork. Contained in the set are the two sealing products, Basecoat Evo and Gloss coat Evo, as well as the preparation product, Prepare and three Applicator sponges with microfiber surfaces. Ceramic coatings are extremely durable. Depending on...

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