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RUPES CARBON BRUSHES are suitable for these machines:LHR75e Mini, LHR12E Duetto, LHR15, LHR21, LH16ENS, LH18ENS Price is shown for one piece!

Price €6.95

RUPES Backing Plate Pad...

Multihole pad The new multiholes design (49 suction holes) makes this device highly suitable for all drilled, micro-drilled and mesh abrasive discs. Unique thermo-plastic abrasion-resistant spoiler characterized by extraordinary resistance. Suitable for - Rupes LHR15, LHR12.

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Flexipads Rotary M14 Steel...

Extension arm to provide additional reach to your rotary polisher, ideal for bumpers polilers and other working tricky areas with a spot pads. Made of solid steel, and notched for easier removal. Note: This extension arm is designed for smaller pads; larger backers can cause instability making...

Price €16.95

Liquid Elements 75mm...

Liquid Elements Backing Plate for Orbital Machines, 75mm for Liquid Elements T3000 V2 in exchange for the original 125mm support. Both the extra weight provided and the plastic disc (2.5 cm) on the original 125 mm support must be used. Designed for thread connection: 5/16 "- 24.

Price €13.99

Liquid Elements Replacement...

Replacement carbon brushes for the liquid elements T2500, T3000 V3, T4000 V2, T5000 V2, Terminator V2 polishing machines

Price €8.95


Durable thick soft pad moulded over the edge of the plate offers complete protection. For foams, wools or abrasives.

Price €11.95