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Tenzi Car Shampoo & Wax
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Tenzi Car Shampoo & Wax

Product usage:1. Wash down sand and other impurities from car body2. Dilute 50-100 ml of the product with 10 l of water3. Wash the surface with clean sponge. Preferably from top to bottom4. Rinse...



Do not use 3D Bug Remover on a hot surface or in direct sunlight. Let 3D Bug Remover dwell on the surface for approximately a minute or two. This will allow 3D Bug Remover to break up the proteins...



Auto Glanz Traffic Film Remover - For cleaning all exteriors Traffic Film Remover is a cost-effective cleaning agent to remove any kind of unwanted road film, dirt and grime. The application...


3D Pink Soap Shampoo

First step in washing your vehicle is rinse off a lot of the dust and grime. We’re going to pressure wash the vehicle lightly. The soot that’s already laying on the top of the car is taken off and...