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Tenzi Car Shampoo & Wax

Delicate shampoo with hydro-wax designed for manual washing car bodies. Appropriate for car body of any colour. Product creates a thick foam which effectively removes highway dirt and creates hydrophobic coating resistant to dirt. Preserves car paint and provides additional gloss effect.

Price €6.95

Tenzi Car Shampoo

Delicate shampoo designed for manual washing car bodies. Appropriate for any colour of the car paint. Creates a thick foam which excellently washes every surface. Effectively removes dirt and does not leave any stains. Provides super gloss effect and excellently removes insects.

Price €7.95


Traffic Film Remover is a cost-effective cleaning agent to remove any kind of unwanted road film, dirt and grime. The application options are entirely up to you. You can use it in engine compartments, door seams, rims, wheel arches and of course on paint. And depending on the task, you can dilute...

Price €10.95

Ewocar ALK Pre Wash -...

Alkaline base traffic film remover with high foam effect for easier application. Efficient remove of mud, road grim, bugs. The product contains safety materials and pH 13.2 which is completely safe for chromed, nickel-plated or rubber surfaces

Price €10.95

Koch Chemie GS Green Star -...

Highly concentrated, phosphate- and solvent-free, alkaline universal cleaner. Universally usable for the areas of workshop floor and industrial cleaning, interior and exterior cleaning of cars and trucks and engine cleaning thanks to its enormous dirt and oil carrying capacity. Special corrosion...

Price €9.95

3D Pink Soap Shampoo

Pink Car Soap is a car wash shampoo that can be used with a foamer or bucket. When you’re using soaps check out three things that are very important. The first is going to be washed off. Second is going to be foam-ability and the third thing is rinse-ability. We have all the key steps involved...

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Meguiars - Soft Wash Gel -...

Years ago we invented this wash gel that is super thick, super rich and super concentrated. It is unlike any other car wash on the market. It contains optical brighteners to enhance the brilliance of the paint finish…and it won’t strip off wax protection. It’s completely safe on all surfaces,...

Price €9.90
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Ewocar TAR Remover

Tar remover - fast and effective product against tar, grease, glue or asphalt spots. We highly recommend: Do not use product in direct sunlight, if using in summer season it’s recommended to cool down the car body with water before application. 

Price €14.95

AUTOGLANZ Valet+ TAR Remover

With Tar Remover from Auto Glanz you get a tar remover in the highest possible quality! It’s based on 100% active solvents (contains no water, citrus, etc.) and is therefore extremely effective. It easily removes any tar or residue from glue on all exterior surfaces. The tar remover also has good...

Price €14.95

AUTOGLANZ Valet+ Fallout...

For the first time as of this writing - we offer from Auto Glanz a concentrated fly rust remover / rim cleaner. Fallout Remover can, like some of the very few products, be diluted 1: 1. Ie. 5 liters here - can be up to 10 liters if you wish. In its undiluted form, you get a powerful fly rust...

Price €13.95

Koch Chemie Fleckenwasser...

Organic solvent for removing greasy and organic residues left by cosmetics, oil, ink, paint, paraffin waxes (dewaxing residues), tar, etc. from all solvent-resistant surfaces such as glass, paint, ceramic, metal, textiles. Contains no halogenated hydrocarbons.

Price €12.95