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Sonax Lack Reiniger

Cleans lacklustre, slightly scratched and heavily weathered standard and metallic paints. Restores the original depth of colour. Smoothens over fine scratches. Removes dirt residues and slight tar stains. Extremely easy to apply.

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Sonax Nano Polish

Silicone-free SONAX Profiline Nano polish for all types of paintwork for hologram-free polishing with polishing machines. Ideal for the care and maintenance of scratch resistant varnishes.

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3D AAT502 Finishing Polish

ATT FINISHING POLISH is the specially engineered part two of NANO abrasives that effortlessly correct virtually any painted surface leaving a swirl free, glass-like finish without any fillers.

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Ewocar Fine Cut - Finishing...

Ewocar Fine Cut was designed to use with Ewocar Burgundy pad to safely remove holograms and haze left from initial heavy cut but with its unique diminishing abrasive paste formula it is capable of removing swirls and light scratches leaving extremely deep gloss and haze free finish on your paint...

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Koch Chemie Micro Cut &...

Micro Cut & Finish is the latest generation machine micro-polish for the permanent removal of streaks, holograms, fine scratches and sanding marks to P3000 grain size on all paint systems (including scratch-resistant) with simultaneous long-term sealing with high degree of gloss and...

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KOCH-CHEMIE Finishing...

Micro polishing compound, silicone-oil-free. Micro Cut M3.02 is the latest generation machine micro-polish for the permanent removal of streaks, holograms, fine scratches and sanding marks to P3000 grain size on all paint systems (including scratch-resistant).

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3D SPEED - Polishing...

3D SPEED is all-in-one correction compound with wax. It will remove light to moderate scratches and swirl marks; while leaving a wax protection behind.

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3D AAT505 Correction Glaze...

Correction glaze Is truly is an all-in-one. It combines the power of Adaptive Abrasive Technology a long lasting sealant. Correction glaze is adaptable to fresh and cured paints. Use with a rotary or DA polisher. A stiffer pad will increase correction. Slower polishing passes will also increase...

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3D ACA520 Finishing Polish

3D ACA 520 FINISHING POLISH is the industry’s fastest HOLOGRAM FREE Finishing Polish with ALPHA CERAMIC ALUMINA. This revolutionary NEW WATER base, abrasive polish that has been constructed to provide high speed, low heat, hologram eliminating polishing for the most challenging clear coats and...

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CAR PRO Reflect Super Fine...

Developed to create the ultimate gloss prior to application of CQUARTZ Nanotechnology coatings Reflect represents the future of paintwork finishing technology, featuring rapidly- diminishing abrasives and sophisticated nano-particles. Tested by professional detailers around the world. Reflect...

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Anti-hologram polish to effectively remove holograms. Intelligent, self-grinding alumina abrasive grains of the latest generation guarantee a 100% hologram-free paint surface. Free of solvents and silicone – purely water-based. Can be used on ALL (including scratch-resistant) fresh and cured paints.

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Based on extensive test results, SONAX Perfect Finish is by far, one of the most flexible compound/polishes. Works equally as well on German clear coats, Asian OEM clear coats & domestic paint finishes. Perfect Finish was developed for single step polishing of sanded paint defects such as...

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