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Poka Premium Type C Hanger

High quality "C" type holder. Designed for versatile use and ergonomics. The holder can be mounted virtually anywhere, for example on a cart or wall. Our product can safely accommodate usable items such as mask, cables, extension cords and headphones.

Price €5.95


RUPES CARBON BRUSHES are suitable for these machines:LHR75e Mini, LHR12E Duetto, LHR15, LHR21, LH16ENS, LH18ENS Price is shown for one piece!

Price €6.95

Liquid Elements Replacement...

Replacement carbon brushes for the liquid elements T2500, T3000 V3, T4000 V2, T5000 V2, Terminator V2 polishing machines

Price €9.95

Poka Premium Bottle Holder

Functional and convenient holder for bottles and atomizers. Despite its small dimensions, the hanger is capable of withstanding a very heavy load. Holes fit most types of atomizers and sprayers.

Price €9.95

Performance Floors...

Performance Floor Anti-slip-band is necessary when the underlay surface is very slippy. Our band stops the tiles from moving around on glazed or polished surfaces for example. It is not necessary to lay out the whole area, only at the entrance. This gives the optimal effect. No fixation is...

Price €10.95

Performance Floor Expansion...

Expansion parts serve to absorb the movement of the click tiles. In order to allow expansion under heat, we recommend from approx. 50 m² in addition to the all-round expansion joint, min. to schedule a series of Expansion parts. To set special accents, they can also be used as a cable or LED...

Price €10.95

Poka Premium Brush Holder

High quality, ergonomic and neat handle for two brushes. Designed for the effective use of space at work. Made of 1.5 mm durable steel, the brush is up to 0.5 kg. The narrow arms of the handle match most of the the brush handles holes.

Price €10.95

Performance Floor Corner...

Šie kraštinių kampai palengvina ne tik automobilių užvažiavimą nuo kraštų ant grindinio bei neleis užvažiavimo kraštams būti stumdomiems, ir sukuria papildomą išvaizdą - užbaigtumą. Šie kraštinių kampai yra tinkami tiek Flat, tiek įprastiems grindinio paviršiams. Pakuotę sudaro - 4 vienetai. Net...

Price €11.95


Durable thick soft pad moulded over the edge of the plate offers complete protection. For foams, wools or abrasives.

Price €11.95

Poka Premium Brush Shelf

Shapely brush shelf. Thanks to the inclined front edge, gripping brushes is very convenient. The front edge safety seal also has the function of stabilizing the brushes. Two dimensional versions available.

Price €12.95

Liquid Elements 75mm...

Liquid Elements Backing Plate for Orbital Machines, 75mm for Liquid Elements T3000 V2 in exchange for the original 125mm support. Both the extra weight provided and the plastic disc (2.5 cm) on the original 125 mm support must be used. Designed for thread connection: 5/16 "- 24.

Price €13.99

Poka Premium Brushes Holder

Functional brushes and car care accessories holder with laser cut inscription. The upper holes fit most brush sizes.

Price €14.95