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CAR PRO Microsuede 10x10cm

The CARPRO Suede MicroFiber towels are soft, smooth, and self-absorbent. Their unique finishing process makes the cloths ready to use with any coating, offering a better finish and ease of use. Additionally, it is the perfect tool for wiping down even the most sensitive digital screens. This is...

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Sonax Dirt Eraser

These fine-pored, highly condensed, multi-purpose scrubbing pads are perfect for removing shoe-sole marks on interior plastics and wax residue on exterior plastics.

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FLEXIPADS Magic Sponge

For effortless removal of stubborn scuffs and blemishes from all decorative vinyl and plastic trim. Try it and see why it's one of our new best selling lines. The Magic Sponge will remove scuff marks that traditional cleaners won't shift!

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CAR PRO Tire Applicator

Car Pro Tire swipe applicator features a handful of improvements! The denser foam provides for easier penetration of dressing into the tire surface whilst the asymmetrical radius allows for use on a wide variety of tire profiles! Nobody likes getting tire dressing on the rims or on their hands...

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Microfiber Cloth

#1 choice for cleaning, scrubbing, dusting, mopping, drying, detailing, and wiping just about anything, anywhere, anytime you need dust, dirt and etc eliminated.

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Car Pro Cquartz Coating...

The Cquartz applicator block is designed to be used in conjunction with the Cquartz Suede Applicator Cloths for the application of ceramic sealants to paintwork. Simply wrap a 4" Carpro suede cloth over the block, tuxking it into the slits on the side. This provides a flat, even soft and scratch...

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CAR PRO Applicator 8...

The new Car Pro 8Finger Block gives you 8 small foam block applicators to make your ceramic coating application a breeze! The 8Finger block consists of 4 small straight edge applicators and 4 small beveled edge applicators which will allow you to coat in and around all those hard to reach areas...

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FOAMER - 150 ml

Bottle with a foaming nozzle - 150ml. It will allow to foam any type of interior cleaning products to foam because it makes dense and stable foam for cleaning. Enables long work without over soaking the cleaned surface.

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CAR PRO Dilute 500ml

Multi-ratio dilution bottles designed by detailers for detailers! The DILUTE bottle contains the required dilutions pre-printed for all your CarPro products. Simply fill with water to the desired dilution ratio, then top up to the fill line with the product and give it a good shake to mix the...

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Sonax Insect Sponge For...

Red side: Effortlessly removes insect dirt from paintwork, glass and plastics quickly and without scratching. Moisten before use! Leather side: Dries mistedup windscreens. Leaves no streaks.

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