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AUTOGLANZ Screenshot -...

Screenshot is an ultra highly concentrated screen wash fluid concentrate that helps you keep your windshield clean all year round. It is super effective against road grime in the winter as well as fluids from insects in the summer. It works by being diluted with water and refilling your screen...

Price €15.95

AUTOGLANZ Purge - Waterspot...

Auto Glanz Purge - Dissolves limescale stains and mineral accumulation in the paint. Purge is an extremely effective "lime stain remover", which can also be used preventively to clean the paint for the accumulation of minerals, which can weaken the paint's gloss but also impair your paint...

Price €13.95

AUTOGLANZ Vision Glass Cleaner

With Vision glass cleaner from Auto Glanz, you get a glass cleaner with a water-repellent effect. So you get botht crystal clear glass and at the same time seal them so the water pearls off the surface. The product works perfectly to top up the protection on any window sealer, and can also be...

Price €14.95

AUTOGLANZ Valet+ - Strong...

For the first time as of this writing - we offer from Auto Glanz a concentrated fly rust remover / rim cleaner. Fallout Remover can, like some of the very few products, be diluted 1: 1. Ie. 5 liters here - can be up to 10 liters if you wish. In its undiluted form, you get a powerful fly rust...

Price €18.95

3D Glass Cleaner

3D Glass Cleaner is an excellent, streak free, alcohol-based glass cleaner that can be used to remove dirt, oil, smoke, and outgassing from vinyl and dashboards. 3D Glass Cleaner is safe to use on all interior or exterior automotive glass because it won’t harm tint. This product is made from...

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Bug remover is an enzyme based spray product that breaks down and loosens bugs. It is safe for the paint, plastics and windows.If you live where you get a lot of bugs plastering the front of your vehicle, 3D Bug Remover will loosen the gunk and bug guts.

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3D Eraser Water Spot Remover

3D Eraser Water Spot Remover is the quick and easy way to remove fresh water spots before they wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint. This non-abrasive, thick gel gets rid of hard water spots FAST! You can use 3D Eraser Water Spot Remover on paint, glass, chrome and all other hard exterior...

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Ewocar TAR Remover

Tar remover - fast and effective product against tar, grease, glue or asphalt spots. We highly recommend: Do not use product in direct sunlight, if using in summer season it’s recommended to cool down the car body with water before application. 

Price €14.95

Tenzi Clean Engine - Engine...

Effective active foam designed for washing and polishing engine elements. Product effectively dissolves petroleum contaminations and highway dirt. It is harmless to gaskets and metal elements. May be used on other metal elements of the vehicle.

Price €7.75

Tenzi Insect Remover

Product designed for removing insects and other impurities of organic origin from car body. Product is harmless to car paint and chrome elements. May be used on car body and windows.

Price €6.95

Tenzi TG Cleaner - Tar,...

Ready to use product, designed for quickly removing rubber stains from concrete, wood and elastic surfaces. Dissolves bituminous masses – tar, asphalt, duct tape stains and sticker marks. Effectively removes marker stains, ink, natural resin and non-hardened paint of “graffiti” type.

Price €59.95


Effective product designed for quickly defrosting car windows. Product works even in -70°C. Effects are visible immediately after application.

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AUTOGLANZ Spar-Tar - Tar...

With Spar-Tar you get an extremely effective glue, tar, grease and silicone remover. Instead of adding water, Spar-Tar is developed on the solvents found in hydrocarbonate. It's a little more expensive - but provides a far more effective product.

Price €19.95

AUTOGLANZ Microwash - For...

Microwash is a dedicated detergent to clean and keep your microfiber towels and polishing pads performing as new. The product contains no softeners and bleaches that over time can make the microfiber stiff and lose its absorbency. Likewise, it is neutral and does not contain fragrances, should...

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AUTOGLANZ Valet+ Fallout...

For the first time as of this writing - we offer from Auto Glanz a concentrated fly rust remover / rim cleaner. Fallout Remover can, like some of the very few products, be diluted 1: 1. Ie. 5 liters here - can be up to 10 liters if you wish. In its undiluted form, you get a powerful fly rust...

Price €13.95


Traffic Film Remover is a cost-effective cleaning agent to remove any kind of unwanted road film, dirt and grime. The application options are entirely up to you. You can use it in engine compartments, door seams, rims, wheel arches and of course on paint. And depending on the task, you can dilute...

Price €10.95

3D GRAND SLAM - Engine Bay...

3D Grand Slam give you a powerful cleaner to handle the more stubborn messes that build up in your engine bay. The powerful cleaning potential of 3D Grand Slam will quickly break-down grease, grime, oil, and dirt, leaving your engine bay spotless!

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3D Brake Dust Remover (BDX)

3D BDX Brake Dust Remover combines the two features you need most in a wheel cleaner: safety and strength! Featuring a color change formula that lets you know that it’s working, this powerful wheel cleaner immediately begins breaking down damaging ferrous particles on your wheels as soon as it’s...

Price €19.50

3D Super Duty Degreaser

3D Super Duty Degreaser can be used to clean exterior surface, engine compartments, flooring, machinery, and tools. Unlike some other degreasers on the market that tend to be too caustic, 3D Super Duty Degreaser is completely safe for use on all painted surfaces. The easy rinse-off,...

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3D Wheel Brite - Wheel Cleaner

Cleans dirt and grime from various wheel types effectively Safe for body shop use, removes tough baked-on contamination from clear coated and painted rims effortlessly Easy to use, dilute 4:1 (water:cleaner), mist on wheels, and watch build-ups separate quickly Quick application: let sit for...

Price €39.95