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Tenzi Clean Rim - Wheels...

Product designed for daily cleaning wheel rims and trims of all kinds. Effectively removes highway dirt and sediments from brake blocks. It does not contain hazardous chemical substances. Harmless to car paint and tires. Recommended for everyday washing of the wheel rims, trims and tires.

Price €6.95

Tenzi Insect Remover

Product designed for removing insects and other impurities of organic origin from car body. Product is harmless to car paint and chrome elements. May be used on car body and windows.

Price €6.95

Tenzi Clean Engine - Engine...

Effective active foam designed for washing and polishing engine elements. Product effectively dissolves petroleum contaminations and highway dirt. It is harmless to gaskets and metal elements. May be used on other metal elements of the vehicle.

Price €7.75

Tenzi Tar & Glue Remover

Very effective product designed for spot cleaning rubber stains, tar, sticker remains etc. Product is also good at removing marker traces, plasticine and paraffin from textile rugs. It may be used on paintwork and windows, but do not use it on plastics, rubber rugs or gaskets, because of the...

Price €7.90


Effective product designed for quickly defrosting car windows. Product works even in -70°C. Effects are visible immediately after application.

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Sonax Concentrate Winter...

Windscreen washer concentrate providing antifreeze protection. Rapid removal of streaks through considerably enhanced cleaning power. Less wipe cycles, less consumption. 100 % compatible with plastics, rubber and paintwork. Also well suitable for XENON headlamps and plastic diffusers. 

Price €6.95

Tenzi Bleeding Rim - Wheels...

Innovative and professional product designed for cleaning wheel rims from stubborn metallic dirt, rust and dust from brake pads. Its name derives from the red colour that is created when the product comes into contact with dirt. It clearly shows how much dirt has accumulated on the wheel rim.

Price €9.45

CAR PRO Clarify - Glass...

Formulated to cut through the toughest grime without damaging your hydrophobic glass coating. Designed to remove traffic film, oils, fingerprints, dirt, and contamination. Clarify is highly effective and safe to use on the interior and exterior of your glass leaving streak free perfect clarity...

Price €7.50
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SONAX Pink Flamingo -...

Windscreen cleaner with exotic fruity fragrance for the windscreen washer system in summer. Creates clear visibility in seconds without streaks and streaks. Suitable for paint, rubber and plastic. Also suitable for high-quality Xenon headlights and plastic diffusers with a clear glass look. In...

Price €7.19

SOFT99 Anti-Fog Spray

With Anti-Fog Spray by just spraying and wiping, you will get rid of irritating glass fog in a flash. If you apply it on glass in advance, it will prevent dust and smoke from sticking to the glass which also causes fogging.

Price €7.50
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Sonax Windscreen Wash -...

Trendy windscreen cleaner with refreshingly fruity cherry fragrance for the windscreen washer system in summer. Provides clear vision in seconds without streaks or smears. Hazardous dazzling and smeary films of oil, soot, silicone and other road dirt contamination, as well as insect residues, are...

Price €8.19