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Sonax Polish & Wax

Polish with color pigments and wax particles. Cleans, polishes and waxes all standard and metallic-paints all-in-one. Gives the paintwork radiant strength and depth of colors, a brilliant shine and long-term protection. The SONAX ColorPen, located in the base cap of the bottle, covers stone chips...

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Sonax Auto Politur

Polish for removing slight scratches and restoring the shine to dull paintwork. Easily applied, it cleans, freshens up the colours and protects the treated surfaces. Its natural Carnauba wax content ensures long-lasting protection. Convincingly restores the deep shine.

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Sonax Xtreme Polish + Wax 3...

Powerful polish for matt, weathered and unapplied paints. Extremely fine aluminum oxide powder removes slight scratches, wears weathered coatings and smoothes the paint. Reflecting deep gloss, intensive color revitalization and preservation is the result of the innovative Hybrid NetProtection...

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Koch Chemie Micro Cut &...

Micro Cut & Finish is the latest generation machine micro-polish for the permanent removal of streaks, holograms, fine scratches and sanding marks to P3000 grain size on all paint systems (including scratch-resistant) with simultaneous long-term sealing with high degree of gloss and...

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3D One Hybrid - One Step...

3D ONE Hybrid cutting compound and finishing polish accelerate polishing performance. It has nano ceramic alumina abrasives that easily correct paint scratches by using a DA or high-speed rotary polisher.  3D One is a unique product: apply on a cutting pad to remove heavy scratches and then apply...

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3D SPEED - Polishing...

3D SPEED is all-in-one correction compound with wax. It will remove light to moderate scratches and swirl marks; while leaving a wax protection behind.

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3D AAT505 Correction Glaze...

Correction glaze Is truly is an all-in-one. It combines the power of Adaptive Abrasive Technology a long lasting sealant. Correction glaze is adaptable to fresh and cured paints. Use with a rotary or DA polisher. A stiffer pad will increase correction. Slower polishing passes will also increase...

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Inovative polish with intense abrasive effect for quickly eradicating defective spots, such as dust occlusion, paint overspray and sanding marks, following repair spraying. High abrasion with simultaneous good degree of shine, workable for a long time, with outstanding wipe off feature. Ideal for...

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High-gloss Polish with Sealant. Innovative machine polish for quickly producing high-gloss surfaces and for effectively removing scratches and grindings from a grit size of P2000 and above with a simultaneous sealing effect.

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One-step sanding/high gloss polish to remove fine scratches and marks from P3000 grit in one operation. Hologram free! The unique abrasive grain contained in the fine abrasive paste grinds continuously during processing so finely that, despite the high grinding performance, in only one polishing...

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CAR PRO Essence

A unique blend of nano-tech Quartz, high gloss durable resins, and fine abrasives that are blended together at a microscopic level to form something truly groundbreaking! CarPro Essence leaves an amazing high gloss finish with semi-permanent fillers and protective capabilities all built in!

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ZviZZer ONE Polish

Zvizzer ONE Polish you perform three operations in one. One-step correction, polishing and protection. Free of solvents and silicone – pure water based. Zvizzer ONE is fully suitable for all paint types including scratch-resistant clear coat.

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