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Tenzi Clean Upholstery -...

Very efficient and harmless product designed for cleaning dirty textile surfaces such as seats, upholsteries, carpets and ceiling linings. Very effectively removes all kinds of stains and refreshes the material. Leaves a long-lasting, fresh and pleasant aroma.

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SOFT99 Fabric Spot Remover

This unique stain remover kit can remove extremely stubborn stains from seats etc. without damaging the fabric at all. The Spot Remover Liquid can dissolve almost any type of staining substance, and the ultra-dense ultra-absorbent sponge is then used to draw the stain out. Suitable for removing...

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Koch Chemie Po Pol Star...

Effective neutral cleaner with protection formula for leather, alcantara and textiles such as upholstery and carpets. The dirt is removed from deep in the fibres by fine-pored foam lamellas and can be wiped up with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. Does not leave any water marks and...

Price €9.95

3D Orange Degreaser -...

ONE PRODUCT, BEST CLEAN … 3D Orange Degreaser is a premium organic citrus all purpose cleaner safe and effective to clean many different interior and exterior surfaces!

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3D APC All Purpose Cleaner

APC is a versatile interior and exterior all surface cleaner. This concentrated cleaner is your best solution to get rid of those stubborn stains, dirt and grease from any surface in your vehicle. It is highly effective at removing tough soiling from vinyl, fabric, plastic, rubber & painted...

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3D Upholstery & Carpet Shampoo

This high foaming carpet and upholstery cleaner keeps the cleaning foam on the surface where you want it, not simply soaking and saturating into and under the surface where you don’t want it. Powerful cleaning agents, optical brighteners, and bacterial enzyme odor eliminators clean while...

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Meguiar's Convertible Cleaner

Guaranteed safe and effective cleaning on all canvas, cloth, mohair and vinyl convertible tops. Easily removes stubborn stains like hard water, bird droppings and oils. Biodegradable, penetrating formula safely removes stains with no hard scrubbing.

Price €12.90

SOFT99 New Fabric Seat &...

Fabric Seat Cleaner 400 does not only get rid of bad odors, but also it has an excellent cleaning effect. Its antibacterial effect prevents molds or ticks from occurring, which gives a great result with fresh mint scent. It can easily remove dirt such as tar, stains or sebum from the seats. Plus,...

Price €14.00
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Koch Chemie Multi Interior...

Removes heavy dirt from upholstered seats, fabric covers, roof linings, floors, plastic trim, etc., thoroughly and gently. Dirt is removed from deep in the pores and a fresh fragrance radiates throughout the vehicle interior.

Price €14.95

AUTOGLANZ FabriClean -...

FabriClean has been worked on for quite some time, to create a unique product, that is not just an All Purpose Cleaner (APC) in disguise. General APC tends to always be formulated using heavy, cheap surfactant blends. These blends are brilliant at cleaning, therefore perfect for an APC, but at a...

Price €15.95


Universally applicable, NTA-free power cleaner for the cleaning of vehicles. The micro-active surfactant combination provides a maximum cleaning power with high material compatibility. For all cleaning work in vehicle interior and exterior areas. For use with high pressure, hot water and steam...

Price €14.95

SOFT99 Cloth Barrier Fabric...

SOFT99 Cloth Barrier Fabric Seat Coat has Fusso fluoropolymer-based cloth protection formula makes interior fabrics both water- and oil-resistant. The high flexibility means the layer stays effective for 3 months of normal use.

Price €15.00
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