Ewocar Heavy Cut - Compound
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Ewocar Heavy Cut - Compound

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Ewocar Heavy Cut was designed to remove heavy paint defects while leaving exceptional gloss. Highly efficient diminishing abrasive paste formula combined with Ewocar Wool White Aggresive pad can safely remove up to P1000 sanding marks and other heavy imperfections from paint, on soft or sticky paint use Ewocar Microfiber or Ewocar Red Medium pads.


Ewocar Heavy Cut is water-based with low dust technology inside which allows for a longer buffing cycles without drying out on you prematurely like other compounds. After polishing cycle simply wipe off the polished area with a clean Ewocar Microfiber towel in a slow circular motion. On softer paint you might need to follow up with a lighter polish like Ewocar Fine Cut to clear the remaining haze and provide deep rich gloss to your paintwork. Ewocar Heavy Cut is silicone and fillers free making it a true heavy correction compound. If you are looking for a professional grade product for professional grade results then this is a great choice! Works with dual-action or rotary polishing machines.


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