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Poka Premium Type C Hanger

High quality "C" type holder. Designed for versatile use and ergonomics. The holder can be mounted virtually anywhere, for example on a cart or wall. Our product can safely accommodate usable items such as mask, cables, extension cords and headphones.

Price €5.95

Poka Premium Bottle Holder

Functional and convenient holder for bottles and atomizers. Despite its small dimensions, the hanger is capable of withstanding a very heavy load. Holes fit most types of atomizers and sprayers.

Price €9.95

Poka Premium Brush Holder

High quality, ergonomic and neat handle for two brushes. Designed for the effective use of space at work. Made of 1.5 mm durable steel, the brush is up to 0.5 kg. The narrow arms of the handle match most of the the brush handles holes.

Price €10.95

Poka Premium Brush Shelf

Shapely brush shelf. Thanks to the inclined front edge, gripping brushes is very convenient. The front edge safety seal also has the function of stabilizing the brushes. Two dimensional versions available.

Price €12.95

Poka Premium Brushes Holder

Functional brushes and car care accessories holder with laser cut inscription. The upper holes fit most brush sizes.

Price €14.95

Poka Premium Brush Holder X6

High quality, ergonomic and neat brush holder. It has space for 6 brushes. Designed for the effective use of space at work. Made of 1.5 mm galvanized metal sweet. The narrow arms of the handle match most of the holes in the brush handles.

Price €18.95

Poka Premium Mini Polisher...

High quality hanger for polishing machines. Designed with maximum efficiency and utility value. The small size of the handle allows you to hang the polishing machine anywhere on the wall or on utility devices such as trolleys.

Price €19.95

Poka Premium Phone &...

High quality wall holder for the phone and headphones. Designed with convenience of use and a modern outlook. The problem with the location of the phone and headphones has been solved! The holder can be mounted anywhere, for example near the socket.

Price €19.95

Poka Premium Glove Box Holder

Not apparent but how easy it make everyday work easier. A neat glove box holder. Extremely universal, fits all sizes of packaging on the market. Made of high quality, durable steel.

Price €19.95

Poka Premium Shelf For Mini...

Shelf for mini polishing machines. Thanks to specially designed handles, the cable can be rolled up safely. Our shelf safely accommodates one mini machine and additional equipment such as an extension cord or atomizer bottles.

Price €20.95

Poka Premium Key Holder

Hanger for car keys in shape of polishing machine with additional shelf. A convenient and aesthetically pleasing place for car keys. You may also want to consider an attractive clothes hanger.

Price €22.40

Poka Premium Paste Holder

High quality trays for storing and sorting of detailing accessories. The depth of the shelf is 46 mm which allows to store even large dimensions of accessories such as polishing pastes

Price €23.50