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Tenzi Tar & Glue Remover

Methods of use Spray product on a cloth or brush to avoid spraying it outside of cleaning area. Apply it on contaminated spot. Wait a moment for the product to take effect. Wipe contaminated spot...


SOFT99 Smooth Egg Clay Bar

Directions: 1. Wash the car, removing sand and dust from the body of the vehicle. 2. Knead the clay bar by hand until it’s soft and flat. 3. Gently slide the clay bar over the wet surface.



Rough - Medium - Fine ... The choice is yours. One thing is certain. Here you get high quality clay bars which help you to get your varnish super smooth and ready for polishing. & Nbsp;...

3D Wipe - Surface Cleaner
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3D Wipe - Surface Cleaner

3D Wipe is a cleaner formulated to help you clean the surface of your car before applying a layer of protection. 3D Wipe does not contain any oils that can cause bonding issues when you apply a...