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Just open a can of California Scents, pop it under the seat or in a cup holder and you’re riding with fresh air for months. Select your own from 15 different fragrances!

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An elegant, scented, wooden hanger with a brown, braided string is a sophisticated accessory that will perfectly match any car interior. You will be positively surprised by the Fresso hanger, its unique form as well as a long-lasting and brilliantly composed fragrance. Due to their natural...

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Tenzi Matt Cockpit Cleaner

Ideal product for daily nurturing plastic surfaces inside vehicles. Removes slight dirt and creates delicate, matt and antistatic layer that protects the surface from renewed dirt settling. Refreshes colour and provides additional satin effect.

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Tenzi Clean Upholstery -...

Very efficient and harmless product designed for cleaning dirty textile surfaces such as seats, upholsteries, carpets and ceiling linings. Very effectively removes all kinds of stains and refreshes the material. Leaves a long-lasting, fresh and pleasant aroma.

Price €7.95

Tenzi Leather Care -...

Product designed for daily nurturing leather upholsteries inside vehicles. Renews natural colour of the leather, makes leather more elastic and resistant to fracturing. Product also removes slight dirt from leather surfaces and delicately impregnates them. Harmless to natural and artificial leather.

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Tenzi Clean Leather -...

Advanced product with unique formula designed for cleaning strongly polluted leather upholsteries. Effective in cleaning natural leather, but it can also be used on artificial leather. Product is harmless, has neutral smell and provides antistatic effect on the surface.

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SOFT99 Anti-Fog Spray

With Anti-Fog Spray by just spraying and wiping, you will get rid of irritating glass fog in a flash. If you apply it on glass in advance, it will prevent dust and smoke from sticking to the glass which also causes fogging.

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Sonax Smoke Ex - 500ml

SONAX Smoke Ex reliably eliminates unpleasant odours on textiles, such as upholstery, curtains, fabrics, shoes, carpets and clothes, with long lasting effect. SONAX Smoke Ex eliminates odours by using a vegetable based, neutralizing active ingredients penetrate deep into the fibres and bind badly...

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3D Air Freshener

3D Air Fresheners will freshen up the scent inside your car. You can spray as much as you want of this premium liquid air freshener. In contrast to car vent sticks which are costly and run out fast; 3D offers a more cost effective car air freshener as it has a longer lasting scent.

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SOFT99 Glaco De Cleaner

Glaco De Cleaner allows you to easily remove dirt, bird droppings, dead bugs and other unwanted residues only by spraying! Besides its amazing cleaning capabilities, Glaco De Cleaner creates an easy to maintain and long lasting cleanliness. The invisible windshield wiper effect appears at 60 kph...

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SOFT99 Fabric Spot Remover

This unique stain remover kit can remove extremely stubborn stains from seats etc. without damaging the fabric at all. The Spot Remover Liquid can dissolve almost any type of staining substance, and the ultra-dense ultra-absorbent sponge is then used to draw the stain out. Suitable for removing...

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