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Tenzi Tar & Glue Remover

Very effective product designed for spot cleaning rubber stains, tar, sticker remains etc. Product is also good at removing marker traces, plasticine and paraffin from textile rugs. It may be used on paintwork and windows, but do not use it on plastics, rubber rugs or gaskets, because of the...

Price €7.90


Traffic Film Remover is a cost-effective cleaning agent to remove any kind of unwanted road film, dirt and grime. The application options are entirely up to you. You can use it in engine compartments, door seams, rims, wheel arches and of course on paint. And depending on the task, you can dilute...

Price €10.95

Ewocar TAR Remover

Tar remover - fast and effective product against tar, grease, glue or asphalt spots. We highly recommend: Do not use product in direct sunlight, if using in summer season it’s recommended to cool down the car body with water before application. 

Price €14.95

Koch Chemie Fleckenwasser...

Organic solvent for removing greasy and organic residues left by cosmetics, oil, ink, paint, paraffin waxes (dewaxing residues), tar, etc. from all solvent-resistant surfaces such as glass, paint, ceramic, metal, textiles. Contains no halogenated hydrocarbons.

Price €12.95

SOFT99 Pitch Cleaner

Just spray on and wipe off to remove dead bugs, tar, and other oily dirt. It really is that so simple! It also creates a temporary anti-fouling coating to prevent adhesion of dirt.

Price €13.00
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AUTOGLANZ Valet+ TAR Remover

With Tar Remover from Auto Glanz you get a tar remover in the highest possible quality! It’s based on 100% active solvents (contains no water, citrus, etc.) and is therefore extremely effective. It easily removes any tar or residue from glue on all exterior surfaces. The tar remover also has good...

Price €14.95

Koch Chemie Teerwasche...

Solvent-based careful special cleaner for the effortless removal of tar and bitumen. Suitable for all solvent-resistant surfaces of cars, commercial vehicles, carwash brushes, workshop floors, machinery, etc. Free from halogenated hydrocarbons. With Daimler approval.

Price €14.95

Meguiar's Heavy Duty Bug &...

This professional strength bug and tar remover is formulated to quickly remove the toughest of bugs along with built-up road grime and tar. It does all of this without any scrubbing, yet is still very gentle on today’s modern surfaces. Meguiar’s® Heavy Duty Bug & Tar Remover contains all new...

Price €14.90
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Tenzi TopEfekt PUNKT -...

Ready to use product, based on natural dissolvents and alcohols, designed for spot cleaning marker stains, bubble gum, glue from stickers, bituminous masses, rubber tracks on floors, plasticine and paraffin from carpets.

Price €19.95

AUTOGLANZ Spar-Tar - Tar...

With Spar-Tar you get an extremely effective glue, tar, grease and silicone remover. Instead of adding water, Spar-Tar is developed on the solvents found in hydrocarbonate. It's a little more expensive - but provides a far more effective product.

Price €19.95


Based on all-natural active ingredients. TarX dissolves stubborn tar, rubber, insect and adhesive residues without aggressive scrubbing, harmful chlorinated solvents, or other harsh chemicals. The fast acting formula is safe to use on most vehicle surfaces. Begins removing sticky contaminants on...

Price €20.95
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Tenzi TG Cleaner - Tar,...

Ready to use product, designed for quickly removing rubber stains from concrete, wood and elastic surfaces. Dissolves bituminous masses – tar, asphalt, duct tape stains and sticker marks. Effectively removes marker stains, ink, natural resin and non-hardened paint of “graffiti” type.

Price €59.95