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EWOCAR Heavy Cut+

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  • Upgraded formula of Ewocar Heavy Cut+ offers a higher cutting rate, allowing for more efficient removal of defects on your vehicle's paintwork.
  • When used with rotary and dual-action machine polishers on higher speeds, Ewocar Heavy Cut+ offers an extended buffing cycle, reducing the time needed for polishing.
  • The advanced water-based formula enables it to cut through defects faster and cooler, while also minimizing dust on the surface.
  • Designed to work effectively with Ewocar Premium Wool / Wool White or FlexiWool, making it capable of safely and quickly removing up to P800 sanding marks.
  • Free from silicone and fillers, making it a true cutting compound that focuses solely on improving the paintwork's appearance without any unnecessary additives.
  • For softer paint, a follow-up with a Fine Cut may be required, but overall, Ewocar Heavy Cut+ provides a deep and rich gloss to your vehicle's paintwork.
  • The advanced formula incorporates low dust technology, resulting in a cleaner and less messy application process.
  • The recommended speed for rotary polishing machines ranges from 800 to 1500 RPM, while speed settings 4 to 6 are recommended for dual-action machine polishers.
  • After the polishing cycle, simply wipe off the polished area with a clean microfiber towel using a slow circular motion, making the clean-up process hassle-free.
Capacity: 250 ml.
  • 250 ml.
  • 1 L.

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1 L.
250 ml.

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EWOCAR Heavy Cut+

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