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Ewocar Scrub Sponges -...

You get three Ewocar Scrub Sponges that are machine washable. Each sponge is covered in soft bristles on one side and microfiber terry on the other. The soft bristles provide the right amount of texture to scrub deep into upholstery when spot cleaning, or detailing. The microfiber terry is soft...

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AUTOGLANZ Tire Dressing...

With our Tire Shine Applicator, you get a practical applicator with a good grip for applying four shine on any tire side. The applicator is made of a 2-part layer of foam, where the upper part where you hold - is in a stronger material. On the contrary, the wavy surface is soft - so you can more...

Price €9.95

AUTOGLANZ Curved Tire Shine...

Curved Tire Shine Applicator is an applicator dedicated to applying tire shine. The applicator has, as the name suggests, a curved surface that fits the tire. This makes it easy to apply e.g. Über Schwarz or Trim Reaper evenly on the surface of the tire. A slightly harder foam backing prevents...

Price €4.95

3D Black Foam Applicator –...

3D’s Car Care’s exclusive closed cell black foam applicator pad is extremely soft yet durable. When applying wax or sealants, it is critical to not cause marring to your freshly polished finish.  This applicator pads offers a “rolled edge” design allowing the safest and troubled free application...

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Ewocar Coating Applicator

Applicator designed to work out the best with the Ewocar Hydro36 and PRO60 coatings and others Nano, Ceramic and Wax coatings.

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„EWOCAR“ Applicator

Perfect Applicator from EWOCAR for loads of uses. For example - car waxing, interior cleaning, leather conditioner apply and loads of other uses.

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Gtechniq AP2 Ultra Soft...

Often it is the smallest details that can make all the difference. Covered in a dense microfibre cloth, with a handy finger slot, you can apply coatings safer and faster. The pad is 8cm in diameter and 1cm thick.

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Gtechniq AP1 x10 - Coatings...

These 100% cotton, incredibly soft applicator pads are designed for the application of Gtechniq’s coatings. Applying sealants such as C1 Crystal Lacquer, Exo Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating or C4 Permanent Trim Restorer with this applicator will give an even, flawless finish, to any surface.

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Sonax P-Ball - Hand Polishing

The SONAX P-Ball is designed to make polishing by hand easy and effective! The SONAX P-Ball is perfect for those areas on your paint that are just too small or too niche for a machine to polish.

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Sonax Insect Sponge For...

Red side: Effortlessly removes insect dirt from paintwork, glass and plastics quickly and without scratching. Moisten before use! Leather side: Dries mistedup windscreens. Leaves no streaks.

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SOFT99 Pitaspo Tire Sponge

Thanks to its profiled shape, Pitaspo adapts perfectly to tyres of any profile and allows precise work, even in hard-to-reach areas at the rim edge or in the contact area between the tyre and the ground. The hard part made of durable foam guarantees a firm grip and protects your hands from...

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CAR PRO Applicator 8...

The new Car Pro 8Finger Block gives you 8 small foam block applicators to make your ceramic coating application a breeze! The 8Finger block consists of 4 small straight edge applicators and 4 small beveled edge applicators which will allow you to coat in and around all those hard to reach areas...

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Sonax Dirt Eraser

These fine-pored, highly condensed, multi-purpose scrubbing pads are perfect for removing shoe-sole marks on interior plastics and wax residue on exterior plastics.

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Car Pro Cquartz Coating...

The Cquartz applicator block is designed to be used in conjunction with the Cquartz Suede Applicator Cloths for the application of ceramic sealants to paintwork. Simply wrap a 4" Carpro suede cloth over the block, tuxking it into the slits on the side. This provides a flat, even soft and scratch...

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CAR PRO Tire Applicator

Car Pro Tire swipe applicator features a handful of improvements! The denser foam provides for easier penetration of dressing into the tire surface whilst the asymmetrical radius allows for use on a wide variety of tire profiles! Nobody likes getting tire dressing on the rims or on their hands...

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FLEXIPADS Magic Sponge

For effortless removal of stubborn scuffs and blemishes from all decorative vinyl and plastic trim. Try it and see why it's one of our new best selling lines. The Magic Sponge will remove scuff marks that traditional cleaners won't shift!

Price €1.95

CAR PRO Microsuede 10x10cm

The CARPRO Suede MicroFiber towels are soft, smooth, and self-absorbent. Their unique finishing process makes the cloths ready to use with any coating, offering a better finish and ease of use. Additionally, it is the perfect tool for wiping down even the most sensitive digital screens. This is...

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