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Long-term sealing with a high convenience factor. One-step seal with up to 15 months protection. Quick and easy to use. Gives the paint an intense depth of colour and a dirt-repellent soft waxy finish. Set of 4 application sponges for 2 applications.

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Product use:

Vehicle must be scratch-free and completely clean before sealing. If necessary, polish by hand or better polishing machine to a hologram-free shine, only use silicone-free polishes from the Profiline. Then wipe with Sonax Profiline Prepare and microfibre cloth. To apply the coating, apply a few drops of CC One on the light side of an application pad and apply thinly to the paint. The surface to be treated should be about half a m² (1/4 bonnet). After a short exposure time of approx. 3-5 minutes, excess product is wiped off without streaks with a new microfibre cloth ultra-fine. Treat the entire vehicle in this way and then cure the coating for at least 4 hours. Throughout the time, the vehicle must be in a clean and dry environment and the surfaces must not be touched. If the applicator begins to harden during the application of CC One, use a new pad. The contents of the can is sufficient for two complete vehicles.

Tip: Each paint behaves slightly differently. Therefore, first make a preliminary attempt to the responsiveness of the coating. Treat a small area of 30 x 30 cm and wipe a corner after 2 minutes. If this is very easy, wait another minute and wipe another corner. Then one minute later, as long as the wiping becomes tough, which means that you have found out the longest exposure time for the paint. If you leave the coating to work for too long, it can cause problems with wiping as well as streaks and clouds.


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