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Sonax Xtreme Polish + Wax 3 Hybrid NPT

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Powerful polish for matt, weathered and unapplied paints. Extremely fine aluminum oxide powder removes slight scratches, wears weathered coatings and smoothes the paint. Reflecting deep gloss, intensive color revitalization and preservation is the result of the innovative Hybrid NetProtection Technology. With the new Hybrid NPT, the paint has a brilliant deep gloss that has not been achieved so far, combined with a remarkable water-drip effect.

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For this purpose, special organic substances with inorganic components have been combined to form a stable, weather-resistant network that optimally accentuates the color of the polished paint. Sonax XTREME Polish+Wax 3 can also be processed with a polishing machine.For a permanent protection and a longer lasting shine, SONAX recommends a subsequent sealing with SONAX XTREME BrilliantWax 1 or SONAX XTREME Protect+Shine.


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