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„EWOCAR“ Special Drying...

Super quality, super absorbent plush drying towel cuts down your drying time and keeps the surfaces of your car streak-free. Simply lay on the vehicle and gently pull across the wet surface.

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  • EWOCAR W-Coat Ceramic Sealant

EWOCAR W-Coat Ceramic Sealant

Introducing Ewocar W-Coat, the ultimate ceramic sealant that will revolutionize your vehicle maintenance routine. With its instant and easy to use formula, achieving outstanding shine, hydrophobics and slickness has never been simpler. Despite its ease of use, Ewocar WetCoat provides unmatched...

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EWOCAR Bleed Iron Remover

Highly-effective bleeding iron remover made for fast and safe removal of harsh iron deposits, such as brake-dust and rail-dust from all types of surfaces - paint, plastics, chrome, glass and alloy wheels. Bleed is material-friendly, therefore can be used as a lubricant together with synthetic...

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„EWOCAR“ Wash Mitt

Professional High quality washing mitt soft, safe and efficient. Ultra soft lift the dirt for scratch-free performance. Super absorbent with sponge membrane, machine washable.

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