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3D Super Wheel Cleaner

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3D Super Wheel Cleaner enables you to break up the tough messes and contaminants that plague your precious wheels. You’ll be able to effectively loosen and remove the oxidation, brake dust, tar, and road grime from your wheels easily when you use 3D Super Wheel Cleaner.


All the while, you will never have to worry about irreparable damage when using 3D Super Wheel Cleaner to clean your wheels. This is thanks to the acid-free formula that is tested safe to use on all clear-costed and painted rims. To make matters even better, 3D Super Wheel Cleaner is entirely body-shop safe!

Unfortunately, thanks to Newton’s First Law of Motion, the only way any of us is going to be able to stop our car in a timely manner is to apply some friction to our wheels by using our brakes. However, all that friction puts quite the toll on your brake pads. In fact, that friction grinds your brake pads into a fine mist called “brake dust”. Once created, this brake dust will promptly spew in every direction and plant its evil roots on every surface it touches, especially your wheels! So, until we find a better way to stop out car’s movement, we are faced with the constant battle of ridding our wheels of this pesky brake dust.

Thankfully, 3D knows how much of a struggle it can be keeping your wheels brake dust free. That is why they worked diligently to develop the ideal tool in combating brake dust build-up, 3D Super Wheel Cleaner. This innovative product is capable of eliminating not only brake dust, but all common ailments your wheels face. 3D Super Wheel Cleaner will make quick work of any oxidation, tar, road grime, and of course, brake dust that builds up on your wheels over time.

3D also took careful consideration of the fact that wheels come in all types and finished when developing 3D Super Wheel Cleaner. The formula for 3D Super Wheel Cleaner was designed without the use of any Hydrofluoric or Sulfuric acids that can cause permanent damage to certain wheel finishes. No matter whether your wheels are clear-coated or painted, 3D Super Wheel Cleaner will safely and effectively remove the contaminants that are guilty of stealing their luster.

3D Super Wheel Cleaner is also a great choice for professional use in body or detailing shops and businesses. This is thanks to the VOC compliant and body shop safe nature of its formula. Professionals will also be able to save money while using 3D Super Wheel Cleaner for their business as it is highly concentrated.

Dilution Ratios:
Regular Strength: 13:1 (9.5 oz. to 1 Gallon)
Extra Strength: 11:1 (11.5 oz. to 1 Gallon)
Super Strength: 8:1 (14.5 oz. to 1 Gallon)

Always ensure the surface you are cleaning is cool to the touch before application. Dilute 3D Super Wheel Cleaner to your desired strength. Spray 3D Super Wheel Cleaner directly onto the wheel surface and allow the product to dwell for 20 to 30 seconds. If your wheels are extremely dirty, agitate the product with a soft bristle brush. Rinse the product off with a pressure washer.

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3D Super Wheel Cleaner

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