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Complete set for the ceramic long term sealing of paintwork. Contained in the set are the two sealing products, Basecoat Evo and Gloss coat Evo, as well as the preparation product, Prepare and three Applicator sponges with microfiber surfaces. Ceramic coatings are extremely durable. Depending on the vehicle’s paintwork, the specific exposure to the coating and its maintenance, the coating can last from 1 to 3 years. Paintwork with a CC Evo coating possesses features such as perceptibly improved hydrophobia (beading of water), increased chemical resistance and improved UV resistance. With that the coating protects against harmful biological influences like insect dirt, bird droppings and tree sap stains.

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A very important function that a ceramic coating provides the paintwork is the protection against renewed soiling and a certain self-cleaning effect.

Ultimately, it is the impression of optical perfection that a deep coloured, high gloss paintwork makes, after it has been professionally coated.


After polishing the paintwork, for the basic cleaning spray the Prepare into a Microfibre Cloth ultra fine and wipe it over the paintwork and prepare it for the coating.

CC Evo is to be applied in two steps:

In the first sealing step Basecoat Evo is thinly applied with an Applicator Sponge onto part sections. After a brief evaporation time excess product is wiped away with a Microfibre Cloth ultra fine, only then is a new part section to be treated.

After a waiting time of 1 hour in the second step the Glosscoat Evo is thinly applied with a new Applicator Sponge. The evaporation time allowed here should be several minutes up to 10 minutes even. Then we also remove here the excess product with Microfibre Cloth ultra fine. Should the product begin to harden prematurely in the sponge, a new Applicator Sponge is to be used.

The completely treated vehicle should now stand in the dry for at least 4 hours, during which time it must not get wet. Ideally the vehicle should be left to stand overnight in a dry place. The first vehicle wash should occur after 1 week at the earliest.

Please note: do not polish the vehicle after Coating and do not use alkaline cleaners for washing.

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