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ZviZZer Thermo Pad Black Ultrafine Polishing Pad

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A cutting polishing pad from the latest line ZviZZer THERMO RED PAD 'Z, designed for use with Dual Action machines (DA), dedicated to removing ultralight scratches, holograms and bring the best shine as possible. Works best with these pastes paste ZviZZer One PolishZviZZer MC3000 Medium Cut, ZviZZer FC2000 Fine Cut, Ewocar Fine Cut, 3D ACA520 Finish

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Innovative technology THERMO PAD'Z:

  • Thermostable structure of the applied foam type THERMO PAD'Z
  • Very high resistance to high temperature
  • Stable and long-lasting cutting process
  • Very long service life

Available sizes of polishing pads from the Zvizzer THERMO PAD series (available in our offer):

working surface diameter / thickness / vel-cro diameter

  • 135/20/125 mm

* The picture shows 2 pieces of polishing pads - to show two sides of the product. Number of pads in the offer is included in the item title and parameters.


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