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ZviZZer Thermo Nano Wool Pad

ZviZZer Thermo Nano Wool Pad

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ZviZZer Thermo Wool Cutting Pad is a premium pad designed for cutting work with rotary polishing machines. Made using innovative THERMO technology, this pad delivers exceptional cutting performance and durability. Ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts who want to achieve impeccable results in removing scratches and other paint defects. High-quality product that will help you achieve professional-quality results when polishing your car's paint.

Choose Polishing Pad Size: 80 mm.
  • 80 mm.
  • 130 mm.
  • 160mm.

Key Features:

  • High Cutting Performance: Effectively removes scratches and other paint defects.
  • Durability: THERMO technology ensures the pad won't soften or lose its properties even with heavy use.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various paint types.
  • Comfort: Soft wool construction ensures smooth and comfortable operation.
  • Safe: Does not damage the paint surface.
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ZviZZer Thermo Nano Wool Pad

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