Tenzi Wheels care set

Tenzi Wheels care set

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Included in set -

  • Tenzi "Bleeding Rim" 
  • Tenzi "Clean Rim"
  • Tenzi "Tire & Plastic"

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19,95 € tax incl.

More information about products included - 

Bleeding rim

Wheel rim maintenance

Innovative and professional product designed for cleaning wheel rims from stubborn metallic dirt, rust and dust from brake pads. Its name derives from the red colour that is created when the product comes into contact with dirt. It clearly shows how much dirt has accumulated on the wheel rim. Product has a gel consistency and it is so thick that it easily penetrates the whole surface of the wheel rim while slowly streaming down through it. Product may be used for cleaning aluminium, chrome and enamelled wheel rims. 
1. Spray the product on dirty parts of the wheel rim/trim
2. Wait about 2-3 minutes until the product will fully work. First signs of the red colour should be visible after a few moments.
3. Wash down the wheel rim with highly pressured water

Clean rim

Wheel rim maintenance

Product designed for daily cleaning wheel rims and trims of all kinds. Effectively removes highway dirt and sediments from brake blocks. It does not contain hazardous chemical substances. Harmless to car paint and tires. Recommended for everyday washing of the wheel rims, trims and tires

1. Apply the product on dirty parts of the wheel
2. Wait 30-60 seconds until the product starts working
3. Wash everything down with highly pressured water

Tire & plastic

Tire dressing

Effective, very efficient and comfortable in use product designed for preserving tires and plastic elements. Protects tire from atmospheric conditions, provides gloss and “wet tire” effects.

1. Apply product through the sprinkler on clean and dry surface
2. Use sponge or brush if needed.
3. Wait for the product to dry off on its own.