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Ewocar Essential Compounds Bundle - 1L

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  • This bundle contains three different compounds - Heavy Cut, One Cut and Fine Cut.
  • Compounds are silicone and fillers free making it a true correction compounds.
  • Water-based with low dust technology inside which allows for a longer buffing cycles without drying out prematurely like other compounds.
  • If you are looking for a professional grade products for professional grade results then this is a great choice.
  • Works with both - dual-action and rotary polishing machines.

Ewocar Heavy Cut

Removes heavy paint defects while leaving exceptional gloss. Highly efficient diminishing abrasive paste formula combined with Ewocar Wool White pad can safely remove up to P1000 sanding marks and other heavy imperfections from paint, on soft or sticky paint use with Ewocar Microfiber pad.

Ewocar 2in1 One Cut

Delivers outstanding results in simple and efficient manner. Ewocar One Cut is a perfect solution for busy detailing shops where speed and precision matters. In just one simple polishing cycle you will restore gloss and bring back clarity to your old and varnished paintwork. Highly efficient diminishing abrasive paste formula combined with Ewocar Red Medium pad can easily remove up to P2000 sanding marks. Ewocar One Cut will safely remove light to moderate scratches, swirl-marks & holograms, leaves the paintwork extremely glossy, swirl-free and smooth to the touch.

Ewocar Fine Cut

Designed to safely remove holograms and haze left from initial heavy cut but with its unique diminishing abrasive paste formula it is also capable of removing swirls and light scratches while leaving extremely deep gloss and haze free finish on your paintwork. To achieve maximum gloss we recommend pairing Ewocar Fine Cut with a Ewocar Burgundy Special Finishing pad.

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