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3D Brake Dust Remover (BDX)

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3D BDX Brake Dust Remover combines the two features you need most in a wheel cleaner: safety and strength! Featuring a color change formula that lets you know that it’s working, this powerful wheel cleaner immediately begins breaking down damaging ferrous particles on your wheels as soon as it’s sprayed on. 3D BDX Brake Dust Remover is safe enough to use on all types of wheels, and even paint!

Capacity: 0.7 L.
  • 0.7 L.

3D BDX Brake Dust Remover starts out clear and turns a deep purple when it comes into contact with iron particles, so you’ll know right away that it’s working. This acid-free and pH-balanced formula is safe for you and the environment – it’s even biodegradable. You don’t have to stop at the wheels either – BDX Brake Dust Remover is safe for use on metal, paint, aluminum, and chrome. It’s so easy to use, you’ll find yourself decontaminating paint and wheels with every wash!

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0.7 L.
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3D Brake Dust Remover (BDX)

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