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SONAX PROFILINE Ultimate Heavy Cut Compound

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Sonax Ultimate Cut 6+ Highly effective grinding polish for high process speeds, contains high-purity, extremely hard aluminium oxide. Removes grindings from P1000 even faster. Use wherever high polishing speeds are necessary, for example on fresh paintwork or on very large surfaces such as mobile homes or boats. Silicone free. Sanding performance: 6+ gloss: 3 

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  • Removes up to P1000 grit sanding marks with a rotary polisher and up to P1000 grit sanding marks with a dual action polisher.
  • Contains high purity extremely hard aluminium oxide that provides powerful and an even abrasion to the surface.
  • Low dust technology makes it clean and economical to work with - easy wipe-off.
  • Body shop safe - formulated without any fillers or silicone.
  • Ultimate Cut is a more aggressive initially compared to CutMax. As the compound degrades as you polish it leaves a similar finish as compared to CutMax. Ultimate Cut was developed for uses looking for a more efficient way to remove deeper imperfections.

Product application:

  • Wash and dry vehicle
  • Decontaminate with P&S Iron Buster or Gtechniq W6 Iron Fallout Remover then clay the vehicle to remove above-surface contaminants
  • Wipe the surface with Gtechniq Panel Wipe
  • Apply a small amount (3 or 4 dots) of polish onto a Polishing Pad
  • Polish the surface at a low rotating speed (800 rpm) for approximately 20-30 seconds, applying 15-20 pounds of pressure
  • After 30 seconds, remove pressure completely using only machine weight, increase machine speed (1200 RPM) and continue polishing for 45-60 seconds
  • When finished polishing, wipe down the paint surface with a microfibre towel


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