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With Vision glass cleaner from Auto Glanz, you get a glass cleaner with a water-repellent effect. So you get botht crystal clear glass and at the same time seal them so the water pearls off the surface. The product works perfectly to top up the protection on any window sealer, and can also be used as a standalone product for window sealing. As a joker, you can mix it in or use it as a screen wash. Then you’ll clean and seal the windows at once. It's not just smart - it's super ingenious!


Promise us to try it ...

Vision glass cleaner is one of the products that you just quickly become extremely happy to use.

Vision glass cleaner just gives instant satisfaction. Spray on and wipe with a good piece of microfiber. And then the windows are just crystal-clear. But Vision just has the feature that when you wipe off, the glass becomes super smooth at the same time. And the reason for this is that it contains a polymer that immediately closes and seals the surface, meaning you get a water pearl effect that is actually so good, that it can be compared a bit with a light window sealer. 

The durability is of course not near dedicated window sealer - and the water-repellent effect of a dedicated sealer. But even with frequent wiper scratches, we could kind of pull a few weeks out of it before it was flat. So it's pretty nice for a glass cleaner!

"Is it really that good?" Yes !

There was also the Joker

"A screen wash that seals the windows when you use it could be too greasy!"

Vision glass cleaner is not a screen wash.. But you can actually add it - both to boost the cleaning properties, but also to seal the windows at the same time. As we briefly describe at the beginning, it is not only smart - but ingenious!

We have tested and mixed approx. 30%. Ie. 300 ml pr. liter of screen wash. And we just have to say that it works really well - although it does not work as effectively as if you cleaned the windows with Vision by hand. 

But still, if you buy Vision for your windows and glass - then buy an extra and use it in screen washer fluid. It's all worth it!

Just make sure that the mixture you make, can last for the period you use it in. If there is 10 degrees of frost, then you have to make sure that the primary mixture can withstand it - and then add Vision glass cleaner afterwards. But as long as the temperature is above the freezing point, you just use it.

Vision can be well mixed with Auto Glanz Screenshot.


  • Effective glass cleaner
  • Seals windows and glass for a water-repellent effect.
  • Can be used on all windows / glass
  • Recommended primarily to be used on the outside of the car
  • Can be used as an additive in the washer fluid

How to guide: 

Wash windows / glass if necessary

  1. Spray an even layer Vision glass cleaner over the window
  2. Distribute / work product in with one side of the towel
  3. Turn the towel or use a new dry towel and dry for a streak-free result.

Screen wash:

In summer: Dilute 1:3 with demiralizing or limescale-free water

In winter: Use undiluted

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AUTOGLANZ Vision Glass Cleaner

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