Our company

We are a young Lithuanian company Nanoplius, JSC, which develops nano products marked with AllNano trademark.

We are energetic, seeking the best results, and having many years of experience in the field of nanotechnology. Focusing on the quality of the products, we chose from more than fifty manufacturers around the world. Yet we have chosen the German suppliers who guarantee the quality because their products are not only certified by TÜV quality certificates and meet ISO 9001: 2008 standard requirements, but actually showed the best results.

The goal

The goal of our team is a satisfied customer and long-term product quality. Our products are produced from silane (SiO2), which is simply speaking the sand is divided into invisible particles. Therefore, the product is completely harmless to the environment or human health.

At the beginning of next year already AllNano products can be purchased in Great Britain, Norway, Russia, and of course in Latvia and Estonia.