Tenzi Car Shampoo & Wet Wax

Tenzi Car Shampoo & Wet Wax

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Set of Tenzi Car shampoo and Wet Wax !

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21,45 € tax incl.

Tenzi Car shampoo 

Delicate shampoo designed for manual washing car bodies. Appropriate for any colour of the car paint. Creates a thick foam which excellently washes every surface. Effectively removes dirt and does not leave any stains. Provides super gloss effect and excellently removes insects.

Tenzi Wet Wax 

Product designed for quick coating of car bodies with hydrophobic layer. Recommended for using on wet car paint after washing it. Provides effective car paint protection after washing the vehicle. Thanks to the liquid quartz particles, product helps to keep clean windows, car body. Product may be used as an addition and solidification to already existing protective coatings on the car paint.